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The UK Passport Information Service

This page is for British citizens and provides information on British passports, as well as some helpful advice on the application processes.

  • How much time do I need remaining on my passport to travel abroad?

  • What is the quickest way for me to renew my passport?

  • What should I do with a passport after the holder has passed away?

  • What special requirements are there for travelling to the USA?

  • Where is my nearest passport office

These are all common questions asked by people trying to find out information relating to British passports.

Ease the stress of travelling and be prepared in advance by confirming that you have all the correct documentation. There are many different ways of applying and many different situations you may find yourself in, renewing (can be done up to 9 months in advance), emergency applications, lost passports and so on.

We also provide information on emergency applications, Fast track, applying for a first passport (adult or child), replacing a lost or stolen passport, checking on the status of your application, reporting problems, changing any details and the locations of British passport offices. There are several passport offices in the UK, and many main post offices can be helpful too.

For clear advice and information call 0843 497 7077

For further information call UK Passport Information on 0843 497 7077